A Short DevOps History Lesson

I had the pleasure of presenting at the first DevOps Perth meet-up last week. On the night it came as a bit of a surprise to me that people weren’t really aware of how the DevOps movement started. So I thought it would be a good idea to share a few links and people you should follow on twitter if you’re interested in learning more.

Patrick Debois is considered the father of the DevOps movement and has been running regular DevOps days since 2009. Here is a link to his blog which is well worth a read – http://www.jedi.be/blog/

Damon Edwards gives a really good overview about how the DevOps movement started in YouTube video called The Short History of DevOps

John Allspaw and Paul Hammond gave a talk at Velocity 2009 on how Flickr deploy to production 10+ times a day and how Development and Operations get along, which (IMO) kickstarted the movement. This talk inspired me and my team at the time to build a DevOps culture at Lonely Planet and is well worth the 46 minute investment – it’s a game changer!

If you are still looking for more join or follow the conversation on twitter – #devops

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