Why you should promote your Service Desk staff

Your Service Desk is a flowerbed of talent – look after the seeds, help them grow and they will flourish.

That’s why you should always look to fill vacancies in your other IT teams from the Service Desk before looking externally.

Here are a four of reasons why you should do this:

  1. It creates a career path for technicians or analysts within your organisation.
  2. Spreads the customer focus that is learnt or picked up by working closely with the customer to other IT teams. This also helps to build a relationship with other teams and can assist in improving your customer satisfaction scores.
  3. Keeps talent in the organisation longer as people don’t have to go somewhere else to develop or progress their careers. A high retention rate also keeps valuable knowledge in your organisation longer.
  4. It’s cheaper to recruit someone to join the Service Desk team.

But if I do this I will feel like I’m constantly rebuilding!

It’s easy to think that way, cause I did once upon a time, as I watched my best talent leave the team. So here is a couple of things I did to remove the pain:

  1. Build a relationship with your HR team (in particular your recruitment team). Together you should be able to come up with a process that allows you to move quickly to recruit talent.
  2. Create a Service Desk staff induction program and know what is critical to bring people up to speed as quickly as possible.
  3. By creating an environment where people can grow and develop their careers it will assist in your organisation becoming an employer of choice. As a result of that it will make it easier to attract talent.

Finally not everyone will want to leave the team – remember that. Some people enjoy working on the Service Desk (and that’s ok) but when the opportunity arises you’ll be doing the best thing for your people and your organisation by helping them get that opportunity.

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