Did you really take time off from work on your holidays?

This article in The Age caught my attention yesterday as it’s actually something I’ve been quite conscious about recently.

Did you really take time off from work on your holidays?  http://www.theage.com.au/executive-style/management/did-you-really-take-time-off-from-work-on-holidays-20150118-12s140.html

Late last year I decided to remove my work email from my mobile device, and it’s probably been the best decision I’ve made in sometime.

Why? Well it’s given me back control back of my personal time, the time I spend with the people I care about the most. I found that because I was carrying my work with me everywhere I went that I had a really bad habit of checking in and doing work, when I should be spending time with my family.

Over the Christmas period I had 2 weeks leave and a complete hiatus from my work – no email. It’s probably the most relaxed I’ve felt in recent memory and has been my springboard launching into 2015.

But what if I miss something important?
I thought long and hard about that before removing my work email from my mobile device. My conclusion was that if it’s really important someone will either call or SMS me, otherwise it can wait.

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