Ice Hockey Themed Retrospective

Yesterday we had our team retrospective and we were lucky enough to have our Head of Technology join us which was fantastic. Claudia is a Canadian and as most of the people from that part of the world she is passionate about Ice Hockey. When it came time to choose our theme for this week and knowing that Claudia would be joining us, a member of our team (Ji) suggested that an Ice Hockey theme would be fitting.

How did it work?

Well pretty much the same as the Cricket themed retrospective from last week.
As Ji came up with the idea and he took the lead in drawing the picture on the board, which included a goal/net, a puck, and a goalie. He also included a scoreboard which you can see in the top right corner, which displayed the iteration we we’re in.


Once the finishing touches were made to the picture Ji set the scene for conversation we would have by describing the sections on the board which were:

  • What did we put in the back of the net (what worked well)?
  • What did the goalie stop (what didn’t work, what isn’t working or what challenges do we have)?
  • Where did the puck go? Which was between the goalies pads (what is puzzling us or unknowns do we have)?

The team (including Claudia) then wrote their thoughts and reflections on post-it notes and placed them on the whiteboard. We then grouped the common thoughts and begun discussing each one from the goalie, to the goalies pads, and finally what goals we score or what we put in the back of the net. We also took actions throughout were we needed to so that we can follow up the things we need to do before the next retrospective.

What did we learn?

Overall this was another theme that worked quite well, and it was very fitting seeing as we had a Canadian special guest at our retrospective.

The session itself was time boxed to one hour with five minutes at the start for drawing, which Ji did a great job of, and for context setting. Five minutes was then spent on our thoughts and reflections, before grouping and conversations.

Having our Head of Technology join us for the session was really good also, as she was able to add context that we normally wouldn’t have in the room to our conversation. On top of that she got to learn more about the people in the team and what we enjoy doing and what our challenges are.

If you have any other themed retrospective suggestions it would be great if you could share them in the comments section of this post or send me a tweet – @jhyett

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