One Last Word

In my last post I wrote about a check-in activity that I’ve been running with my teams recently called One Word. Over the past few weeks this activity has continued to work really well at the start of our retrospectives.

Last week whilst looking for a different retrospective format to run at the end of a large program of work for a team, I came across a follow on to the One Word check-in activity – One Word Before Leaving.

The purpose of this activity is to discover how people are feeling at the end of a retrospective (or meeting, workshop, etc.), and follows a very similar format as the One Word check-in activity.

How to run the One Word Before Leaving activity. 

  1. Give each person in the room a pen/sharpie and a post-it.
  2. Set the context for everyone “On the post-it provided please describe how you feeling now, at the end of this retrospective”.
  3. Ask the team to place and group the post-its on an open canvas or whiteboard.
  4. As an optional step ask if anyone would like to share more about their word.

What did we learn?

This was a great activity to wrap up and close a retrospective, and really did give us an insight into what people’s thoughts and feelings were at that moment in time.

As we used One Word to check-in it also visually worked quite well to run One Last Word (before you leave) as a way of seeing if what we discussed over the retrospective changed people’s thoughts and feelings.

Upon further reflection you could also use this activity as a facilitator to gain feedback on what people thought of your session, by asking them to place their post-it’s on the wall as they leave.

How long did it take?

As people already had post-it notes, the One Last Word activity only took a couple of minutes to run and complete.


If you are interested to know more I found this activity on the Fun Retrospectives website, or you can reach out via twitter, or leave a comment below.


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6 Responses to One Last Word

  1. xxynr says:

    Yey TSC!

    Nailed it.

  2. xxynr says:

    Yey TSC!
    Well done team. How about: ‘done’ ?

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