Charging your car whilst you shop

Over the Christmas / New Year holiday period my family and I traveled across town to a shopping centre (Chadstone) that we don’t normally visit. We had received some vouchers for a store which only has a couple of locations in Melbourne, one being at Chadstone.

As we were walking into the entrance of the complex from the basement car park I noticed something you don’t see everyday and in fact that I hadn’t seen before, a Tesla charging station (including a car charging).

Tesla is an American automotive and energy storage company based out of Palo Alto California, that designs, manufactures, and sells luxury electric cars, electric vehicle components and battery products. 

I was really quite amazed and quickly pulled out my phone to take a couple of photos.


Whilst this was my first Tesla sighting in the wild it certainty won’t be my last. Charging stations similar to this will soon pop up everywhere and will be common at any location that you can park as more electric cars hit our roads. In the not to distant future we’ll likely see our self driving cars automatically navigate to a charging station as it’s power runs low.


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