Valentines Day themed retrospective 2016

Last year I facilitated a Valentines Day themed retrospective with the team I was working with. This year I’ve started working with a new team, and whilst it was only our second retrospective together I thought it was a good opportunity to use the Valentines Day theme, as it was only two days out from the Hallmark holiday.

This theme is quite easy to work with, simply draw a big heart with an arrow from cupid through it on a whiteboard (or butchers paper). Once the picture is complete set the context with the team which is quite simply what we loved this sprint and what we didn’t.

As an added bonus to get everyone in that Valentines Day spirit I played a little bit of Barry White’s classic hit Can’t get enough of your love, babe as the team wrote their thoughts on post-it notes.

As people were ready we placed our post-it notes either in the heart for the things we loved, or outside the heart for the things we didn’t. We then grouped them into themes of conversation and then discuss the groups starting with what we didn’t love first. We saved the things we loved until the end so we could head into our weekend on a good note.


Overall this is quite a simple theme to work with and adding the music to it gave it a little something extra.



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