Good Day Bad Day

I was having a conversation with my wife (Lauren) today on our way home from visiting friends, about the dinner time conversations that we have as a family. Most nights of the week we eat our dinner with our two children with the television off, and have a conversation about each of days.

Lauren told me about something she read (she couldn’t remember where) call Good Day Bad Day. The concept is at the dinner table when we have our family chat we should each share something that made our day good and something that made our day bad, no matter how big or small it is.

At the heart of this is encouraging our children to share their thoughts and let us know what’s going on, in particular our son who started school this year. He now spends more time away from us (outside of sleeping hours) than with us during the week, so it’s good for us as parents to know what is happening during his day.

We plan to try it out on Monday night and hope that it helps us to get more information out of our son and give us an insight into what he learnt that day, what’s troubling him and what he is enjoying.

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