Thirsty work at Disneyland 

My family and I just spent an amazing fun filled week at Disneyland in Anaheim in Southern California. Right now it’s the end of summer and the temperature was around the mid to low 30’s (celsius) each day we visited the parks. 

As fun and magical as a day at Disneyland can be, it can really wear you out physically. Therefore it’s important to stay hydrated. 

A bottle of water is around $3 (plus tax) at the park, which can really add up throughout the course of the day and week. There is alternative however which can save you some money and keep you well hydrated.

At the various counter service food outlets and restaurants in the parks (not carts), they serve soda’s from fountains. At these places (and they are everywhere) you can get iced water in take away cups for free. All you have to do is ask the server for a cup of iced water – simple as that.

This tip was a real lifesaver for our group and kept us well hydrated over the course of the magical week we spent at the magic kingdom.

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