Baseball themed retrospective

Earlier this month the Chicago Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years, a truely amazing sporting moment. This made me think that I shouldn’t wait 108 years to try a baseball themed retrospective.

A couple of weeks ago I tried it out with a couple of the teams I’m working with and here is how it went.

I started by talking about the Cubs winning the World Series and if anyone followed it. I then drew the home base on our whiteboard and the lines to second and third bases from it. This gave us a clear division on the board. Fair territory and foul territory.

I then got the team to take a few minutes and reflect on the things that went well for us in the past sprint and the things that didn’t. Placing their thoughts on post-it notes and then on the board either in Fair (for good) and Foul (for not good).

We then grouped the post-it’s into clusters and spoke through each cluster from foul to fair, taking actions as we went.

Overall this was a pretty simple theme to work with, and something you could try if you were looking for a basic format to mix up your retrospective.


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