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Charging your car whilst you shop

Over the Christmas / New Year holiday period my family and I traveled across town to a shopping centre (Chadstone) that we don’t normally visit. We had received some vouchers for a store which only has a couple of locations in … Continue reading

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Watching you watching me.

A couple of months ago whilst I was out running, I was listening to a podcast (The B.S Report) where the host Bill Simmons was interviewing Doug Collins about his playing and coaching career. During the interview (around 51:00) Doug talks about watching … Continue reading

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Finishing retrospectives with a positive vibe

We run our team retrospective on a Friday afternoon and it’s usually the last thing we do as a team before we start our weekends. To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to start their weekend in a positive way … Continue reading

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The Story Graveyard

Do you have user stories hanging out in your backlog that seem to always get deprioritised at planning meetings? As a team with a semi operational function to it we have this problem quite reguarly, with stories that don’t fall … Continue reading

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Did you really take time off from work on your holidays?

This article in The Age caught my attention yesterday as it’s actually something I’ve been quite conscious about recently. Did you really take time off from work on your holidays? Late last year I decided to remove my work … Continue reading

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When was the last time you went to a video rental store?

When was the last time you hired a movie? Not from your couch but actually went to a video rental store and hired a movie over the counter? I sure can’t remember. I walk past a rental store a couple … Continue reading

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Because the world needs people to do stuff, not corporations! I’m one of 40 patrons who contributed $25,000 in total crowd sourced funds (via twitter) for $0 in fiscal return. Together we are building something that has never been built … Continue reading

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