Cricket World Cup themed Retrospective

The Cricket World Cup is in full swing at the moment, and therefore I thought it would be a good idea to bring a cricket theme to our team retrospective yesterday.

First off we drew a cricket bat hitting a ball and some cricket stumps (see the picture below). Then we split the board down the middle of the cricket bat. On one side the team shared what they hit for 6 this iteration and on the other what might have bowled us over or got us out.

Once the team shared their thoughts they grouped them into topics and discuss them, taking actions for improvement where required.

Something that has worked quite well for us, unrelated to the theme itself but worth mentioning, is discussing the negative or constructive side of the board first. This allows you to focus on the positives at the tail end of the session and hopefully finish on a high.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts mixing up your retrospective themes is great way to keep things fresh as well as getting people involved and present. 

If you have any other themed retrospective suggestions I’d love to hear them.

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